Download! Sparkless Pres. - Artist Series «Roberto Rodriguez Aka Manolo» (SPARKLESS)

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Download! Sparkless  Pres. - Artist Series «Roberto Rodriguez Aka Manolo»

Sparkless Pres. - Artist Series «Roberto Rodriguez Aka Manolo»

15 November 2023

New release, new hero, new journey. This time we are packing our virtual suitcases for Helsinki, where the proven master of slow disco lives, an expert in groove and dance house music. Roberto Rodriguez aka Manolo. This iconic character has been in the business for over 30 years, with over 50 releases and 60 remixes on major labels. And this is one of my favorite modern musicians, whose music I want to introduce you to today. Let's go... Ps. A special request - send your hearts to the master in the comments and on his personal pages in social networks - he is worth it! 1. Roberto Rodriguez – Thaumatrope 2. Manolo – Phobos 3. Manolo - Paseo Maritimo 4. PothOles - Chauma (Manolo remix) 5. Roberto Rodriguez - Mustat Varjot 6. Manolo - Amalfi Drive 7. Roberto Rodriguez – Venus 8. Monitor 66 - Triscuits (Roberto Rodriguez Dub) 9. Roberto_Rodriguez – Saved By The Bell 10. Roberto Rodriguez - I Believe In You 11. Dorsia - Ghana (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) 12. Kito Jempere - Do You Know Me (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) @robergz Glory to Ukraine, Sp/ Please support Ukraine…v-na-potrebi-armiyi

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